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Fritz Hirsch


A script of Ingrid Zimmermann

These paintings are not designed for rapid consumption. You have no choice but to immerse yourself in them time and again. There are new things to discover long after your first encounter with them. For instance, you might ask what the white houses with their empty window cavities are supposed to be. Could they be towers or perhaps Jacob’s ladders that are far too short to reach up to heaven? You will also spot plummeting boats, whose sails are once again fishes’ heads with gaping mouths, and the crescent of a moon, part of which has been knocked out to form a mouth that is poised to bite. Or does the moon not have an eye, thus making it a fish again? These are images wrapped in mystery, magical images that a painter and musician has wrested from the depths of his soul.


A script of Reinhard Müller-Mehlis

Formal conditions are interwoven with interpretable symbols, in mostly sombre, achromatic colour, blended and repeatedly painted over. A dark and somewhat dirty rusty red recurs and occasionally dominates. Complexes of meaning cluster together against lighter backgrounds which are often blue. Pressure and suction appear to create almost inseparable bonds: the fabric of fate, the writing on the wall, an archaeology of disasters, leftovers that herald tragedy.


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